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Leap of faith

I took a massive leap and let myself relax enough to get a massage. This is a leap of faith for me. I do not like to be touched. I will avoid it like the plague. However, I knew that my failed attempts at self massage was not working at all.

Leaping into this massage I had to control the situation. It had to be in my home where I could at least relax. My music my world. Did I say I don’t like to be touched😯😯

Having RA makes my muscles very tight from exercising so lots if work went into this massage. It was 60 minutes long and in the begining quite difficult. However, I accomplished it.

Now I won’t be running to the massage school but I took that leap of faith and did it. Yup yup yup I did it….Did I say I don’t like to be touched 😬😬😬.


Less of me!

I started looking over my photo journals and realized that I need to flat out lose weight!. Yes I said it and now I put it in the universe and it shall be.

I have already lost 70lbs and I am grateful for that. However, once the muscle wasting started to ravage my legs my Doctors quickly sent me to a Nutritionist. She used a cookie cuter pyramid guide of foods and she added meats to my vegan life. She added carbs and host of other foods that quickly caused inflammation for me.

I had not eaten meats in 5 years. I was a strict Vegan carbs were in moderation. I consumed no sugar or added salt. Following her outline instantly  my weight loss stopped and weight gained started.

Now having RA is tough enough on your joints period. In one year I’ve gained 11lbs. This is no bueno! Somewhere my goals got sidelined. I let fear overwhelm me and stopped listening to my body. When I can’t walk or move that’s a problem that I need to address.

I am a driven woman. This is not acceptable to me. I will begin slowly. I will remove what I know to be toxic to my body. I will add whole foods, live foods ,fermented foods like kraut and Kombucha. I will put good bacteria in to body to kick start my healing. I will start my yoga and slowly walk with assistance until I can walk again unassisted.

So you will see less of me physically. I will document this journey. I will finish what I started.

May you know your body, may you love your body, may you listen to your body.

I Am!

For quite some time now I have been fooled with the fact that having a diagnosis defines you. Well I was totally wrong. I labored in the realization that I have this incurable medical condition and it consumed my life. I could not go back before the diagnosis so I have to look towards the future.

My future is outlined with many wonderful things and many people depending on me to assist them with their life goals and their visions. I cannot change my RA. I can live with it and move on. I have things to do people to help and personally I just can’t wallow any longer.

I Am the two most powerful words spoken. How I end that sentence is in a good place. Life is about balance you cannot sit on one side and not balance it out for if you do you will be sitting forever.

For those that are reading this think of your I Am. I want you to put the most positive end to that sentence. I want you to walk it till you talk it. Create a place that makes you happy.

For my ending I Am someone happy!

Love always,



My 2 year journey with my teeth

If you follow my blog you will know that I suffer with and autoimmune illness called RA. However, I also have other medical conditions and psychological conditions. Now for most people going to the Dentist may bring on a little anxiety but when you are paralyzed with fear that is a whole different dimension.

Prior to being diagnosed with RA I truly had not been to a Dentist in decades. When I got sick my teeth started to break and crack. During my RA Doctors first visit he talked to me about how important dental care is. I wanted to vomit. I looked at my wife as we walked out she said now you have to go to the Dentist.

Within the first year of having RA my teeth just went south. It was lack of existing yearly dental care and RA. When I got a tooth ache I would use any remedy I could come up with. I used clove oil for pain, teabags on the tooth, aspirin on the tooth coconut oil to stop the throbbing of the tooth ache. Then I got a nasty abscess. Having and Immune disorder and a raging infection in my mouth was dangerous. I was up for days. I had an appointment with my GP my partner told her I had a horrible tooth ache. My GP said this is something you cannot play with I want you to go to the Dental Clinic right now. I instantly started shaking We went two floors up. It was 3:30 exactly my partner went to the desk and explained the situation. The receptionist said we can’t see her. However, the floor supervisor came to me and said follow me. I was shaking, I was crying I was scared! My partner was holding my hand the supervisor said you will breath through this operation. I said operation what!  She asked me to trust the process. I got a shot of novocaine and no pain. The tooth was extracted in about 5 minutes. I was ok! I wanted to tell the world but I got bad news I needed major work done on my teeth to keep me healthy.  Their were plans made for many extractions root canals and then plans for my upper partials to be made and my lower partials to be made. It took 2 years to do. During this I have changed Dentist 3 times. I go to a clinic so they are students they only stay a year. I just had my last extraction done 2 days ago. The room was filled with all the Dental assistants who have been on this journey with me. My Dentist who is new to me was so surprised. The love I have for them helping me to get through this is unbelievable. 

Having a root canal done. Unfortunately I had to have the tooth extracted. I wanted to save the tooth but it could not be saved.

Having a root canal done. Unfortunately I had to have the tooth extracted. I wanted to save the tooth but it could not be saved.

Dental anxiety is real. On my chart it says Dental anxiety  Do not be ashamed find a place that can accommodate what you are going through. I now know that I will be ok in the Dentist chair. I will always have the anxiety but I can do it and so can you!

Kreakyjoints gets real about her RA

This is me Kreakyjoints. Yess I pop when I walk or when I move. Sometimes it is rather funny but for the most part it hurts.

I was diagnosed 3 years ago. I was ready to get my grove back but life got in the way. Why did I have to fall! That rug in my kitchen I dislike it but it probably saved my life.

I am just your average woman next door. Now that’s a joke. Since my diagnosis my body has fought me RA is a battle. It battles my joints my teeth my skin my immune system and sometimes my soul.

I don’t want this to be sad but sometimes it is. However, I am determined to push forward educate others and remove the stigma associated with RA. It’s not your general Arthritis this is a whole different ball game baby.  Follow me and you will understand.