Hit my first weight loss goal

I have been missing in action and that is a good thing😊. I hit my first weight loss goal and it sure felt good. I did not talk about loosing weight to my family I just did it. Less of me is the best of me. I feel better my joints feel better  but my spirit is elevated to a higher plane. I never knew how hard it was to lose weight with RA. With inflamed joints loosing weight is a battle.I watch my sodium and carbs and other things because they are some of the many culprits that will slow my weight loss. I exercise daily and that has made my body feel so much better. I also am letting go of the resentment that I have towards RA. A positive mind can do more things than a negative one. I am excited . The clouds are moving and I see some light. I am doing it one bite at a time nice and slow.💕💕


4 thoughts on “Hit my first weight loss goal

  1. New Journey

    good for you…feels good huh!!! reaching goals one bite at a time…I love it….I am trying to reach another goal, I am 10#’s from it and seem to be fighting it every step of the way….subconsciously of course…LOL…but good for you….kat



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