Less of me!

I started looking over my photo journals and realized that I need to flat out lose weight!. Yes I said it and now I put it in the universe and it shall be.

I have already lost 70lbs and I am grateful for that. However, once the muscle wasting started to ravage my legs my Doctors quickly sent me to a Nutritionist. She used a cookie cuter pyramid guide of foods and she added meats to my vegan life. She added carbs and host of other foods that quickly caused inflammation for me.

I had not eaten meats in 5 years. I was a strict Vegan carbs were in moderation. I consumed no sugar or added salt. Following her outline instantly  my weight loss stopped and weight gained started.

Now having RA is tough enough on your joints period. In one year I’ve gained 11lbs. This is no bueno! Somewhere my goals got sidelined. I let fear overwhelm me and stopped listening to my body. When I can’t walk or move that’s a problem that I need to address.

I am a driven woman. This is not acceptable to me. I will begin slowly. I will remove what I know to be toxic to my body. I will add whole foods, live foods ,fermented foods like kraut and Kombucha. I will put good bacteria in to body to kick start my healing. I will start my yoga and slowly walk with assistance until I can walk again unassisted.

So you will see less of me physically. I will document this journey. I will finish what I started.

May you know your body, may you love your body, may you listen to your body.


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