I have a lump in my breastšŸ˜®

I have just come back from seeing my Rheumatologist. I started on Methroxate injectable and I have gotten more nodules . I have one on each shoulder one on my thumb and one in my breast and one in the back of my head.

The one that is in my breast I almost broke a sweat out on. It hurts I mean really hurts. Now I want to say I have only seen my Rheumatologist once I see his PA and I love him. He examined my breast and said it feels like and then I just stopped listening. I did not cry which I have to pat myself on my back for. He said get your Mammogram luckily I get my Mammograms yearly and I am due for mine this month. I am going to get it ASAP.

What have I learned is that I Ā am stronger than Ā I think. I also am grateful that I have grown to know that all will be well.

I write this in transparency because breast health is a scarey situation. We want to keep quiet about it. However, get your mammograms and if you have any changes tell your Doctor, PA or nurse immediately.!https%3A%2F%2F41.media.tumblr.com%2F6dc031d3146ffeea5a0ec91102e86aea%2Ftumblr_n81tp33mvt1s0lpkco1_1280

I am stronger than I think.! I have a breast lump and I will be ok.




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