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I have a lump in my breast😮

I have just come back from seeing my Rheumatologist. I started on Methroxate injectable and I have gotten more nodules . I have one on each shoulder one on my thumb and one in my breast and one in the back of my head.

The one that is in my breast I almost broke a sweat out on. It hurts I mean really hurts. Now I want to say I have only seen my Rheumatologist once I see his PA and I love him. He examined my breast and said it feels like and then I just stopped listening. I did not cry which I have to pat myself on my back for. He said get your Mammogram luckily I get my Mammograms yearly and I am due for mine this month. I am going to get it ASAP.

What have I learned is that I  am stronger than  I think. I also am grateful that I have grown to know that all will be well.

I write this in transparency because breast health is a scarey situation. We want to keep quiet about it. However, get your mammograms and if you have any changes tell your Doctor, PA or nurse immediately.!

I am stronger than I think.! I have a breast lump and I will be ok.




I Am!

For quite some time now I have been fooled with the fact that having a diagnosis defines you. Well I was totally wrong. I labored in the realization that I have this incurable medical condition and it consumed my life. I could not go back before the diagnosis so I have to look towards the future.

My future is outlined with many wonderful things and many people depending on me to assist them with their life goals and their visions. I cannot change my RA. I can live with it and move on. I have things to do people to help and personally I just can’t wallow any longer.

I Am the two most powerful words spoken. How I end that sentence is in a good place. Life is about balance you cannot sit on one side and not balance it out for if you do you will be sitting forever.

For those that are reading this think of your I Am. I want you to put the most positive end to that sentence. I want you to walk it till you talk it. Create a place that makes you happy.

For my ending I Am someone happy!

Love always,