Stress and RA don’t mix

Stress is a four letter word that should be banned. Stress on any person with and illness or not is a burden. Stress can come in many forms self generated as in a drama queen. Stress can also come from situations you have nothing to do with. However, stress causes people everyday powerful emotional drain. If I get stressed my body will lock up instantly. Now if that is the response to stress for me with a suppressed immune system what about you?. Take time to love yourself. Put you first. I know that is hard because as women we are supposed to be a brick. Well over time and erosion even a brick will break down. We are born dependent for feeding and for life. We will leave dependent sometimes for the same things. It is the in between that matters. Live as stress free as you can in the meantime. Your body and soul will thank you immensely. IMG_2628


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