Chemotherapy and Dreads

I have been growing my dreads for 20 years. They are below my waist. I usually wrap my hair in ornamental wraps however, these days that is hard to do to say the least.

I have been on Chemotherapy for a few years now and my hair has done it’s normal shedding. I have not noticed anything significant however, with dreads the hair that sheds makes the dread so I would not notice unless it just dropped out.

The thing with the type of Chemotherapy I take for RA can be a pill or an injection. I take the injection. It appears to work better for me now and has  less side effects.

Being a Naturalist it affords me the luxury to not have to tangle with my hair on a daily basis. I love my natural hair. I am known to play with it twist it or coil it with my finger.

Growing up I really loved doing  hair. I was always told I had growing hands. That meant if I braided or twisted your hair it would grow.  Even as I aged I would always be creating a crown of glory on a friends head with baby locs or two hand twist.

I will sum this up. Methroxate IMG_3106has not made my hair fall out. I take folic acid pills and leave the comb alone and it works for me. It’s the journey not the destination that keeps me going. One day at a time.


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