Chemotheraphy needle can’t touch my thickness…

I have a thickness others may call aIMG_0574weakness.

I am voluptuous and stellar during all my treatments

I am so glad that my body dimension is thick in the hips

Because when that needle hits it never misses

Yes I am lucky to be curvy and round

Especially during a time when illness has me held down

I have never been a bone o sorry once I was for a lover

She was a choclate delight who liked her women thin and no other

Well she is long gone and glad for that

Cause I would have put on this weight and she would have called me fat

With all I am going through that would not of went over well

So I married my wife and she is thick as hell


3 thoughts on “Chemotheraphy needle can’t touch my thickness…

  1. sunesiss

    You sound like a strong woman, and I pray that God almighty helps you keep that strength and goes through this with you. Healing you and walking beside you. Showing you his love and taking away your tears and pain. I pray for your healing.

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