Kreakyjoints gets real about her RA

This is me Kreakyjoints. Yess I pop when I walk or when I move. Sometimes it is rather funny but for the most part it hurts.

I was diagnosed 3 years ago. I was ready to get my grove back but life got in the way. Why did I have to fall! That rug in my kitchen I dislike it but it probably saved my life.

I am just your average woman next door. Now that’s a joke. Since my diagnosis my body has fought me RA is a battle. It battles my joints my teeth my skin my immune system and sometimes my soul.

I don’t want this to be sad but sometimes it is. However, I am determined to push forward educate others and remove the stigma associated with RA. It’s not your general Arthritis this is a whole different ball game baby.  Follow me and you will understand.




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