Mothers Day!

Today is Mothers Day and it is special. However, I am a Motherless child. I watched helpless 5 years ago my mother slip away from all the pain and suffering as Sepsis ravaged her body.

Their are so many times I wish I could just  talk to her one more time. The words would flow like a waterfall. You can have a rough childhood but as and adult to lose your mother is devastating to say the least.

So in this short blog my words are today Love your Mothers !!!


My own blog spoke to me.

fonzandcancer blogging to encourage.

So here I was today, emptying the conservatory with my wife, finding new homes for some things and throwing other things. We had a chat to a guy who was doing a job for us and just generally having a tidy up. I was moving forwards by standing and doing. I have not written for 3 days, due to the excessive pain through doing a bit on skater day in the rain. Yesterday my friend Rob blogged for me reliving me of my post duty. What a special gift it is to have friends, even ones you have never met, these include people from all over the world. From England to Australia. One of my friends reminded me that I can. By saying the words. Mark, you can, you really can. That was my friend in Australia Amanda, she made me read my own blog.

On reading it again, and…

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Helping the helper.

fonzandcancer blogging to encourage.

Helping the Helper

Hi, my name is Rob and I’m a friend of Mark’s from cyberspace. We never met in person. Anyway, you all know Mark has made a promise to himself that if he is able he would write each day with hope of encouraging someone in doubt or pain. To inspire them to take that one more step in the one-step at a time journey. So here’s the irony. Mark is the one who needs some help now. So that’s what I’m doing, helping in that only way I can. I offered to “guest blog” so that his vision can continue and he can rest and do some healing without having to think so much about writing or not writing. This one’s for you Fonz!

There are things we have to experience in life that we don’t like. Things we rather not have anything to do with. And…

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Leap of faith

I took a massive leap and let myself relax enough to get a massage. This is a leap of faith for me. I do not like to be touched. I will avoid it like the plague. However, I knew that my failed attempts at self massage was not working at all.

Leaping into this massage I had to control the situation. It had to be in my home where I could at least relax. My music my world. Did I say I don’t like to be touched😯😯

Having RA makes my muscles very tight from exercising so lots if work went into this massage. It was 60 minutes long and in the begining quite difficult. However, I accomplished it.

Now I won’t be running to the massage school but I took that leap of faith and did it. Yup yup yup I did it….Did I say I don’t like to be touched 😬😬😬.

Hit my first weight loss goal

I have been missing in action and that is a good thing😊. I hit my first weight loss goal and it sure felt good. I did not talk about loosing weight to my family I just did it. Less of me is the best of me. I feel better my joints feel better  but my spirit is elevated to a higher plane. I never knew how hard it was to lose weight with RA. With inflamed joints loosing weight is a battle.I watch my sodium and carbs and other things because they are some of the many culprits that will slow my weight loss. I exercise daily and that has made my body feel so much better. I also am letting go of the resentment that I have towards RA. A positive mind can do more things than a negative one. I am excited . The clouds are moving and I see some light. I am doing it one bite at a time nice and slow.💕💕

My Living List.

A must read.

Indisposed and Undiagnosed

My apologies for my recent absence. I am sitting here fighting through my brain fog to write this piece, so I apologise also for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

I could sit here and tell you that I’ve been busy, which I guess is true to some extent.
But truth be told, I just couldn’t bring myself to write.

I hit a low point – one of those extremely low points where you cannot find one single strand of string to hold onto and live through another day. I went through a lot in a short month’s time. I dealt with heartache and the loss of a relationship I was quite fond of, I had numerous inconclusive, boring appointments, I faced issues with my Government about my health, and I naturally battled my inner Depression and Anxiety demons as a result of everything.

I was not brave enough, or well…

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Getting connections that become clients.

As a startup entrapenuer the most important thing is making connections. You will make connections at conferences at seminars heck even in the ladies room at Walmart, hey we all have to go to the bathroom let’s connect! Could be a potential client get that exposure😘

The backbone of a service orientated business is you. You are your brand lets check you out. Reherse everything with a person who will give you the raw truth.

Start with your voice is it clear and confirming or harsh and demanding. Your appearance,  you don’t have to look like the cover of a magazine however, in public the pajama look well let’s say I would not want you coaching me. Your passion, is your statement scripted sounding like everyone fits in the same box. Are  you loud and jumpy saying how much you believe in what you are doing practically scaring the person from you. Finally your purpose, this is the defining moment when a potential client might just overlook the ketchup stain on your shirt if they believe you can get them results. It’s in this moment when the deals are made. Speak to them as if you are addressing yourself. Tell them the changes you have helped implement with other clients and how successful they are now. Do not waiver on your belief in yourself. Do not be overly pushy.

Always have your business cards on hand. Napkins get lost and well just are not professional. Thank them for their time and the universe will do the rest. I personally don’t call them. I let them decide if I am a right fit without pushing them  You have done your part. If they connect everything was in perfect order. If they don’t you can reacess and know their will be other clients. Never give up!

Love ya,




Less of me!

I started looking over my photo journals and realized that I need to flat out lose weight!. Yes I said it and now I put it in the universe and it shall be.

I have already lost 70lbs and I am grateful for that. However, once the muscle wasting started to ravage my legs my Doctors quickly sent me to a Nutritionist. She used a cookie cuter pyramid guide of foods and she added meats to my vegan life. She added carbs and host of other foods that quickly caused inflammation for me.

I had not eaten meats in 5 years. I was a strict Vegan carbs were in moderation. I consumed no sugar or added salt. Following her outline instantly  my weight loss stopped and weight gained started.

Now having RA is tough enough on your joints period. In one year I’ve gained 11lbs. This is no bueno! Somewhere my goals got sidelined. I let fear overwhelm me and stopped listening to my body. When I can’t walk or move that’s a problem that I need to address.

I am a driven woman. This is not acceptable to me. I will begin slowly. I will remove what I know to be toxic to my body. I will add whole foods, live foods ,fermented foods like kraut and Kombucha. I will put good bacteria in to body to kick start my healing. I will start my yoga and slowly walk with assistance until I can walk again unassisted.

So you will see less of me physically. I will document this journey. I will finish what I started.

May you know your body, may you love your body, may you listen to your body.

I have a lump in my breast😮

I have just come back from seeing my Rheumatologist. I started on Methroxate injectable and I have gotten more nodules . I have one on each shoulder one on my thumb and one in my breast and one in the back of my head.

The one that is in my breast I almost broke a sweat out on. It hurts I mean really hurts. Now I want to say I have only seen my Rheumatologist once I see his PA and I love him. He examined my breast and said it feels like and then I just stopped listening. I did not cry which I have to pat myself on my back for. He said get your Mammogram luckily I get my Mammograms yearly and I am due for mine this month. I am going to get it ASAP.

What have I learned is that I  am stronger than  I think. I also am grateful that I have grown to know that all will be well.

I write this in transparency because breast health is a scarey situation. We want to keep quiet about it. However, get your mammograms and if you have any changes tell your Doctor, PA or nurse immediately.!

I am stronger than I think.! I have a breast lump and I will be ok.



I Am!

For quite some time now I have been fooled with the fact that having a diagnosis defines you. Well I was totally wrong. I labored in the realization that I have this incurable medical condition and it consumed my life. I could not go back before the diagnosis so I have to look towards the future.

My future is outlined with many wonderful things and many people depending on me to assist them with their life goals and their visions. I cannot change my RA. I can live with it and move on. I have things to do people to help and personally I just can’t wallow any longer.

I Am the two most powerful words spoken. How I end that sentence is in a good place. Life is about balance you cannot sit on one side and not balance it out for if you do you will be sitting forever.

For those that are reading this think of your I Am. I want you to put the most positive end to that sentence. I want you to walk it till you talk it. Create a place that makes you happy.

For my ending I Am someone happy!

Love always,